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Regulatory Framework

Oil and gas exploration and production in Germany is regulated by the Federal German Mining Act (“Bundesberggesetz” or “BBergG”). A mining license is required prior to commencing exploration or production activities. 

The Federal German Mining Act differentiates between exploration and production licences as follows:

  • Exploration licences (“Aufsuchungserlaubnis”) provide the right to explore; and
  • Production licences (“Gewinnungsbewilligung”) provide the right to produce the resource designated in the licence and allow the holder to take ownership of this resource

Prior to granting a license, the relevant Federal State must approve the associated technical plan for the proposed exploration or production activities.

The holder of a production licence must pay royalties to the government based on the value of hydrocarbons produced.  The current royalty rate for natural gas production in Lower Saxony is 30% and is in addition to any corporate taxes.

Vermilion supports the recent discussions about the mining and water laws that provide a stronger link between environmental and mining interests and call for greater public and administrative participation. We will comply with these new regulations even before they become effective.

(Unless otherwise noted, references on this website to "Vermilion", or "the Company", or "we", or "our" collectively refer herein to any or all of the people and operations associated with Vermilion Energy Inc. and/or its subsidiaries including its German subsidiary Vermilion Energy Germany GmbH & Co. KG whose operations and activities are the focus of this website)

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