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Community Investment

As a responsible energy producer, Vermilion strives to be an outstanding neighbor and is committed to giving back to the communities where our people live and work. We do this through our Vermilion Ways of Caring program.

Our Vermilion "Ways of Caring" program in Germany is comprised of three main components of giving:

Give BackGive Back (Charitable Giving)

As a responsible energy producer, Vermilion is committed to the care of its people, the environment and the communities in which our staff live and work. To achieve this, our charitable giving program focuses on investing our community dollars in three key areas: 1. Support for Local Cultures 2. Environmental Stewardship 3. Health and Safety Promotion

Give TimeGive Time (Volunteer Grants)

This program provides funding for the wide variety of non-profit and charitable organizations that our staff support through their personal volunteer time. 

Give TogetherGive Together (Days of Caring)

We strive to maximize our positive impact by coordinating our volunteer efforts through our Days of Caring. In addition to actively demonstrating our core values of Respect and Responsibility, the program helps us to make Vermilion a great place to work, fosters pride, teamwork and camaraderie among staff, and builds genuine and authentic relationships with our communities.

(Unless otherwise noted, references on this website to "Vermilion", or "the Company", or "we", or "our" collectively refer herein to any or all of the people and operations associated with Vermilion Energy Inc. and/or its subsidiaries including its German subsidiary Vermilion Energy Germany GmbH & Co. KG whose operations and activities are the focus of this website)

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Community Investment
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